100% Mulberry silk lined face mask

$ 22.00


100% Mulberry silk lined cotton face mask made in Australia

*These Mulberry silk lined face masks are made of two layers of 100% cotton. One layer is a tightly woven cotton like cotton duck or twill or quilters cotton.
*Inside is lined with 100% pure Mulberry silk – this is perfect if you want a more delicate fabric against your skin. It is breathable, a natural fibre and great for sensitive skin. Please see below for general benefits of Mulberry silk.
* Satin ties on the sides that only needs to be tied once and then loops over your ears.

* Two sizes available:

1. Small – perfect for kids
2. Medium – suitable for most adults

* They are machine washable and reversible.

Please wash before use in cool water. Line dry and iron on the cotton side.

These masks are not medical grade and will not protect against viruses. Please rely on your own reseach on fabric masks before purchasing any.

DIY facial covering tips for a quality face mask

1. Opt for masks that tie around the ear, rather than ones that have a standard elastic band. The ties can be adjusted to fit each face better than the elastic band.
2. Make sure to use dry masks. When masks get wet, even from the moisture emitted when a person exhales, the fabric could be more likely to transmit..
3. Wash masks regularly, with regular detergent and in regular washing machine cycles.  Instructions over here.
Segal suggested avoiding “bleach or other harsher chemicals until we know the effect on the fabric’s effectiveness.”
“The best masks were constructed of two layers of heavyweight “quilters cotton” with a thread count of at least 180, and had a thicker and tighter weave.” Segal said.


Naturally hydrating-
Silk helps keep moisture close to your skin. The same way it helps your hair stay hydrated, it will also help your skin.  This means it won’t absorb your skin’s natural moisture as many other fabrics do.

Breathable and temperature regulating-
Silk is a natural fibre and allows your skin to breathe, minimising irritation. This sensitive skin friendly fibre is also temperature regulating, ensuring you sleep comfortable all night long.

Naturally Hypoallergenic-
Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It has a natural resistance to odour-causing bacteria, dust mites and mould, making it the perfect option for sensitive skins, asthma and allergy sufferers.

Mulberry silk is Soft, smooth, luxury-
Mulberry silk is renowned for being the highest quality silk on the market. The softness and smooth texture of the fibres makes it a dream to sleep on and worth the investment in this piece of luxury.

Have a look at our burn test…the best way to find out if the Silk is the real deal!

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