White fox Nappy wallet and change mat set

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This handmade woodlands white fox nappy wallet and change mat set is just perfect for any modern mum or as a baby shower gift.

Do you ever run out of hands, dropping things on the floor? What about having such a huge baby bag you always need to carry around, even if you’re just going for a walk?

The frustration and the time waisted to gather all the baby necessities before you head out to door is enough to make any Mum want to stay home.

DO NOT feel like this any more.  This little helper of a nappy wallet is small enough to grab with one hand, but it needs more credit for the amount of goodies it can handle and the practicality of the design.

Why you will love this handmade nappy clutch

Two or Three pockets

Wallet A:  The wallet has two open pockets, one on each side when open.  They are nice and deep and can handle around 3-6 nappies and a small packet of wipes.

Wallet C:  Two open pockets PLUS a third pocket with a full zip.  This is perfect for those loose items like cream, powder, keys, phone, hand wash and more.

Large size

They are definitely a good size and around 30x28cm when open.  Within this clutch you can also store your matching folded change mat from our shop.

Arm strap

The arm strap will make your life easier as you can use it to hang the wallet around your pram, side of your bag or just on your arm.  You can even use it to clip a dummy onto it.

Adjustable closing strap

The diaper clutch closes with a long strap and broad hook and loop fastener.  This is by far the easiest option to close with one hand and adjusts as the wallet becomes fuller.

Travel changing mat

Large size of 40x70cm

These large travel changing mats are 40x70cm in size and will last with a growing baby.

100% Cotton

It is made of 100% cotton on the outside and a super soft inside.  This way your baby will stay warm during those changing time.

Waterproof inner lining

The added waterproof lining on the inside is not visible, but gives the surety that spills will not soak through the fabric.

It closes easily by folding it up and placing it in the wallet.

The added extra’s

All our cotton fabric for this handmade pink flamingo leaf nappy wallet and change mat set is pre-washed in sensitive detergent.  The benefit would be less colour running, less shrinking, keeping its shape and be ready to use immediately.  The cotton padding in between the fabric layers will give the diaper clutch a sturdy feel and look, but not make it bulky.

We know how Mums can get very busy so we have assured that our items are durable and machine washable.  Practical and oh sooo lovely to add these to your nappy bag.

** No loose accessories included** Have any more questions?  Please message us any time.

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Mat and Wallet A set, Mat and Wallet C set, Wallet A, Wallet B, Wallet C

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